Worst Coach in Football = Big Red

Thursday, November 13, 2008 ·

Fox Sports' Jason Whitlock rated who he felt were the 10 best coaches and the 10 worst coaches. Guess who was the worst? He's a hint: He has red hair, he's overweight, he's stubborn, he always wears black, and his children are drug-addicted criminals. If you guessed someone other than Andy Reid, you're wrong.

1. Eagles' Andy Reid: Twice this season Reid has taken the game out of the hands of Donovan McNabb and tried to win at crunch time with his running game. Here's a coach who loves to throw on damn near every down except when the game is on the line. I also blame Reid for the Eagles failing to trade a second-round draft pick for Tony Gonzalez. Other than the one season with Terrell Owens, McNabb has made a living throwing the ball to the James Thrashes of the world. It's ridiculous. I'm convinced the Eagles don't want to win it all.
I'm not sure if Andy Reid is indeed the worst coach, but his decisions do cost them plenty of games and I believe that is what will distinguish him from the coaches who just have bad teams.


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