Lose, Win, Lose, Win, Lose

Thursday, November 6, 2008 ·

The Sixers really need to break this pattern they've developed if they want any sort of playoff success. Now, 2-3, The Sixers have lost the odd games of the season and have won the even.

Last night, their ball control or lack thereof was just pitiful. They had 25 turnovers and allowed Miami to have 18 steals to pace a 106-83 Miami win. Through 5 games, the Sixers are averaging 19.2 turnovers per game. YOU HAVE TO TAKE CARE OF THE BALL. The run and gun game is nice, but they still have to be able to take care of the ball in their half-court offense. Instead of settling down, they're trying to score quick and force passes.

On the season, the Sixers assist-to-turnover ratio is below one. It is still early and it is understood that there would be chemistry issues, as Elton Brand is currently leading the Sixers in turnovers with 3.6 per game. Immediately following Brand is Andre Iguodala with 3.2.

Iguodala has looked terrible to begin the season. He is shooting 34% from the field, 15% from behind the arc, and 67% from the line. Andre, you better make sure you're at the gym first and leaving the gym last. You really need to fix your shooting woes to give this team any opportunity of going far. You held out for your extra money and now you have to continue to prove you're worth it.

There has been a bright side of consistency this season and that comes in the package of Thaddeus Young. He is currently second on the team in scoring with 16 points per game and his continuing to shoot well from behind the arc. His one downfall has been some of the turnovers he's made, but he's still young and his game should continue to improve.

I feel like I have to say this after every game, but the season is still young and the Sixers will find their chemistry and way. Give it them the first 15 games before we start to change our opinion and expectations.


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