Let the Kids Play For A Change

Tuesday, August 19, 2008 ·

I know this is all opinion and I'm probably wrong and missing some key details.

I think a new light should be shed on the Olympics. I know certain events have age restrictions and what not. But I feel that maybe they should at least have a sport in the Olympics that benefits a certain group of people.

I have 2 things to get across. First is this: I know the Chinese may be breaking rules with having under aged children perform in gymnastics but why? If these kids can compete then why not let them? I'm not defending China because they might be breaking a rule and if they are then fuck 'em. Rules are there for a reason.

But this leads to my 2nd point.

There are 2 great American sports that are seeing it's final Olympic competitions. They are baseball and softball. I know we may have an unfair advantage due to our dominant softball team but we do have competition is baseball with Japan and Dominican Republic.

But that isn't my entire point. My point is that if we are going to eliminate those two sports from the Olympics then I say we should add a relative of the game: Little League.

Yes, it may interfere with the Little League World Series but I'm sure you can dance around it some how. Starting the Series earlier or later than usual on the year of the Summer Games can be possible.

It shouldn't be stressful on the kids because each team is gonna have different kids playing from different teams in their country. Kids aren't too old to be affected by chemistry because you see it baseball with our college kids and in other sports. The only thing that would be stressful is the vast size of some countries and the expense of traveling and trials.

I feel that the LLWS should be early in the summer so that you can pick the best kids from the tournament. Again this is all very difficult and probably very rushed but it would draw so much around the world.

We can forget about our adult athletes and just enjoy a bunch of kids going out there and having fun on a greater stage than the LLWS. I bet you if you ask these kids playing in the LLWS right now, a majority would rather day they won an Olympic gold medal than the LLWS.

But that's just me. If you have any SERIOUS opinions, please state them. I really want to hear what others think of it as an idea and as a reality.


Justin Evans said...
August 19, 2008 at 5:40 PM  

You cannot work until you're 14. The kids at such a young age are put through an extreme amount of physical stress when their bodies are not completely ready, especially in gymnastics.

Their bodies at such a young age are not completely developed and that is why you have to be at least 16, which is when the average female is almost completely developed, at least bone structure wise. They broke the rules and it is a competive advantage to have girls that are not even 70 pounds in the olympics. It is cheating and if it is true that they cheated, it is wrong.

You have to understand how things work in China. They pick these kids at a very young age and basically tell them what they're going to do with their life and that is all they do.

Anyway, you cannot make the Little League world series earlier because all the pre-cursor tournaments have to take place and in some areas in the country, they cannot start playing because of the weather until later in the spring.

You cannot have Little League in the Olympics. That's a dumb idea. 12 year old kids have to worry about their education, not training for the olympics.

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