Tuesday, August 19, 2008 ·

According to the Daily News, the Sixers have added to great offseason by signing center Theo Ratliff to come off the bench behind Samuel Dalembert. Ratliff is a very good defensive center and played for the Sixers during their finals run until he suffered practically a season ending injury.

With Jason Smith going down, the Sixers absolutely had to do something because there is nothing set in stone with regard to what Mareese Speights is going to provide. The Sixers would sign him for the veteran minimum, which is about 1 year, $1.4 million. The Sixers front-court and back-court are now very deep this year and Ratliff is the type of role player that all championship contenders look for off the bench.

Ratliff is now older at the age of 35, but he has still averaged 2.6 block per game for his career. He's not much of an offensive threat, but he will not have to be with Elton Brand playing the 4. Ed Stefanski has continued to shine this offseason and so far, the Sixers are looking better and better with each passing day.


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