We Are the Champions or They are the champions?

Sunday, July 27, 2008 ·

So, the Soul won the Arena Bowl in exciting fashion over the San Jose SaberCats. The 59-56 victory marked the first championship in Philadelphia since the Phatoms won during the NHL's lockout season in 2005.

I ask you this...does it break the curse? Can we consider the Philadelphia Soul "World Champions?" Hardly not, but they have given us hope. During the final 30 seconds of the game, every fan in Philadelphia put their hands on their hips and said, "Wait, is this shit happening again?" However, the Soul prevailed. Matt D'Orazio becomes the hero the city has been looking for, but is he just not good enough?

The Soul had a great season this year and D'Orazio did what Jeff Garcia couldn't do. When the local football team, albeit arena in this case, lost their starting quarterback (Tony Graziano), D'Orazio finished the job. He delivered with excellence.

Congrats to Ron Jaworski and Bon Jovi for putting together a winner. I hope it continues for the Soul's sake. I hope that it provides hope for us lost Philadelphia fans out there. Not everything is gloomy, it's always sunny somewhere in Philadelphia.


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