Manny to Philly?

Sunday, July 27, 2008 ·

Manny to Philly? Shut up. It's not going to happen. The Phillies have absolutely nothing to trade for a great talent, but awful team distraction type of player in Manny. The Phillies still need pitching and that should be their focus. The offense is slumping (will and has to return at some point) and Manny would fill a great hole, but it's hard to see the trade for Manny not involving Pat Burrell and some prospects.

Right now, I'll take the hit in average and keep Burrell over Manny. They're both slow, can't field great, but Pat has a better arm. Also, you have the conditions of Manny's contract. Will his options be picked up or will he just be a rental? Manny fills one need that the Phillies have, but as a replacement for possibly Burrell, it still leaves another hole in the lineup.

Oh and regardless of Manny being a cancer, when in a pennant race, it'd be absolutely fucking stupid for Boston to trade Manny right now. No one's going to want to give Boston what Manny's talent is probably worth.


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