Trade Deadline 2008

Thursday, July 31, 2008 ·

Today, I will be keeping a rolling thread open regarding MLB's trade deadline. Check back here often as I will post whatever deals happen or the biggest rumors. All bolded updates will involves deal that have happened.

4:35 PM - Looks like a Manny deal did happen: Manny to the Dodgers, Bay to the Red Sox, 4 prospects to Pittsburgh. [Jon Heyman]

But you never know. Bay might not be involved. That is speculation.

4:00PM - Deadline is over. Deals may have been submitted, but they will take some time for the league to approve them before they are announced. Manny is still in Boston. Bay is still in Pittsburgh. The Phillies did not acquire any pitching.

Same story as last year?

3:45PM - Phillies are unlikely to make a move for a reliever. [Buster Olney]

According to Jayson Stark on ESPN, the Raul Ibanez-to-Toronto deal is dead. It would have been a 2-for-1 deal involving all MLB players.

Also, Stark reported that both the Rays and Pirates are heavily denying that a Bay to Tampa deal is done.

According to Nationals writer Bill Ladson, Washington is discussing Joel Hanrahan, not John Lannan, with the White Sox. []

3:11PM - A source told that the Rays will get Jason Bay from the Pirates for Reid Brignac and Jeff Niemann. [Rotoworld]

The Rays are again deep into discussions with the Pirates over a deal that would bring outfielder Jason Bay to Tampa Bay, according to major-league sources.

Shortstop Reid Brignac and right-hander Jeff Niemann are among the players the Rays have offered, sources say, but the Pirates are looking to replace Niemann with another pitcher while adding other prospects. [Ken Rosenthal]

Jayson Stark just reported on ESPN that either "Ibanez to Toronto" or "Bay to Tampa Bay" will happen.

3:00PM - Maddux is not going to the Dodgers. [Jayson Stark]

2:43PM - Dodgers are back in the Manny talks and have offered a packaged focused around Andre Ethier, but the Red Sox prefer Matt Kemp [Jon Heyman]

2:31PM - Will Ohman might stay with Atlanta. The Braves feel they can get a bigger compensation with the supplemental draft pick. [Mark Bowman]

2:09PM - The Reds are talking to the Rangers about Nelson Cruz and the Rangers are still talking to the Marlins about Laird. [T.R. Sullivan]

According to Jayson Stark on ESPN, the Jason Bay to Tampa Bay talks are back on. Now, it is mentioned that Reid Brignac would be the centerpiece, with a second tier pitching prospect, but the Pirates want one of Tampa's top pitching prospects in Price, Davis, or Hellickson.

Also, he noted that Brian Fuentes is not going anywhere.

1:55PM - The Mets are talking to the Nationals about a deal for reliever Luis Ayala, has learned. [Jon Heyman]

Jays are now talking to Seattle about Ibanez, but a deal is not likely. [Jayson Stark]

The Score 670 Chicago reports that the White Sox are close to acquiring John Lannan from the Nationals. [Roto World]

1:45PM - It was reported earlier and Jayson Stark just repeated that he feels the deal is dead again on ESPN. The Marlins are blaming the Pirates and vice-versa.

Ken Rosenthal also feels that the deal is "dead."

1:36PM - The Yankees are unlikely to trade for Byrd. [NY Post]

1:27PM - The Phillies continue to target three left-handed relievers — the Braves' Will Ohman, Pirates' John Grabow and Giants' Jack Taschner. The team also had been in the mix for the
Royals' Ron Mahay, but could not meet the Royals' price.

An executive from one team in touch with the Royals says he does not believe that Mahay will be traded. The Royals have Mahay under contract next season for a salary of $4 million. [Ken Rosenthal]

12:54PM - Blue Jays have entered the talks for Jason Bay. [Jayson Stark]

12:48PM - Manny Deal Close to Dead: A source close to the three-way negotiations involving Manny Ramirez says the deal is close to dead. Florida has reportedly asked Boston for a cash outlay beyond the $7M to cover Ramirez's contract, in addition to two prospects. That essentially would add up to the Red Sox trading Ramirez, $9M and two prospects for Jason Bay. [Peter Gammons]

The Yankees are looking into acquiring Paul Byrd because of their frustration with waiting for Seattle to lower the asking price of Washburn. [Ken Rosenthal]

12:39PM - Manny has approved a trade to the Marlins contingent upon his two options being dropped, which would make him a free-agent next year. This was pretty much rumored to have already happened at some point last night or early in the morning. Nothing has been finalized regarding the trade and the teams are still negotiating. [Jon Heyman]

12:16PM - The Oakland A's are not likely to make any more moves [Buster Olney]

The Marlins are still pushing to acquire Rangers catcher Gerald Laird, but are unwilling to part with the major-league starting pitcher that the Rangers are seeking, according to a major-league source.

For the Pirates to remain involved in the blockbuster deal, but they are looking for a package that is better than the offer they received from the Braves: Triple-A OF Brandon Jones and SS Brent Lillebridge, and two pitchers in low minors. [Ken Rosenthal]

12:06PM - The Phillies have offered Brett Myers, Jayson Werth, and cash for Manny Ramirez. LA is still interested and would include Matt Kemp [Baseball Prospectus] - This rumor came from a forum I am monitoring, so take it for what it's worth.

Greg Golson is not in the lineup today for AA-Reading and he might have been moved in a trade. It was reported yesterday that he and J.A. Happ might be moved for Will Ohman [Comcast Sportsnet]

11:46AM - The Rays are not sure which way their talks are going regarding Adam Dunn and Jason Bay. The Reds are interested in Jeff Niemann and Jeremy Hellickson. Tampa is refusing to give up Reid Brignac. [Jon Heyman] Buster Olney feels that their outfield upgrade may actually be Rocco Baldelli.

The Pirates are still not excited about their return for Jason Bay and that seems to be the hold up in the blockbuster deal. [Boston Globe]

11:20AM - Mets GM Omar Minaya is itching to make a deal, but it'll more likely come as a reliever rather than an outfielder because of the Mets refusal to give up their good prospects. [Jon Heyman]

According to Danny Knobler, the prospects going the other way for Griffey would be Danny Richar and Nick Masset. Griffey has approved the trade.

10:44AM - Marlins acquired RP Arthur Rhodes from Mariners for minor league SP Gaby Hernandez [Peter Gammons]

10:38AM - Mets are "kicking around" the idea of acquiring Ian Snell and making him a reliever for the rest of the year. A dumb move on Pittsburgh. [Jon Heyman]

There is no movement regarding Jarrod Washburn talks. The Mariners' price is outrageous. [Buster Olney]

It looks like the Nationals plan to keep Tim Redding (his value took a hit after a bad start last night). There also no plans to move Lo Duca, Lopez, or Odalis Perez. [Washington Times]

10:10AM - The Rockies want to keep Brian Fuentes and are looking at Josh Fogg, Tim Redding, and Paul Byrd [Denver Post] The Rockies were "shocked" when the Mariners asked for Dexter Fowler and Casey Weathers in return for Jarrod Washburn. [Seattle Post-Intelligencer]

The Rangers have asked about Zach Greinke and are willing to part with "multiple prospects" for him. [Kansas City Star]

The Cardinals have put Kyle Loshe on the "available list. Kind of shocking. [Jayson Stark]

Ryan Tucker and Mike Stanton will not be traded in the proposed Ramirez-Hermida-Bay trade. [Ken Rosenthal] Michael Silverman of the Boston Herald feels that the deal is at "less than 50-50".

9:52AM - The Rays feel that Adam Dunn is becoming more and more of a realistic acquisition. [Jon Heyman]

The White Sox are working on a three or four team deal to acquire A's closer, Houston Street. [ESPN News]

9:47AM - Seattle has made J.J. Putz available in trade talks. The Red Sox and Mets would be possible destinations. [Seattle Post-Intelligencer]

9:15AM - Mets might not be making a deal. Sellers are offering their players at extremely high costs and the Mets are not willing to part with any of their good prospects. [Newsday]

9:08AM - Manny deal is at "50-50". If the deal happens, Grabow would goto Florida and NOT Boston. Florida prospect Mike Stanton will not be involved and reliever Ryan Tucker is still in play. [Jayson Stark]

8:39AM - There is no tentative agreement in place regarding the Ramirez-Bay-Hermida three-way deal. [Boston Herald]

8:38AM - Ken Griffey, Jr. has been traded to the Chicago White Sox. The deal is pending his approval. [Fox Sports]


Anonymous said...
July 31, 2008 at 4:32 PM  

Manny traded to the Dodgers in a 3-way deal. Red Sox get Jason Bay. Not sure who else is involved.

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