The Eagles D-Line is dropping like flies.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008 ·

First, the Eagles received news that defensive end Victor Abiamiri will likely be out about 4 months and today newly acquire Chris Clemons was carted off the field due to dehydration. He was taken to the hospital and released, but it is unclear on when he will return to the field.

By the end of practice, only four defensive ends remained: Parker, McDougle, Cole, and Howard.

Outside of Cole, it leaves us with an undersized Parker and two busts in McDougle and Darren Howard. This situation only compounds the other defensive injuries with Bunkley, Samuel, and rookies Bryant Smith, and Trevor Laws.

It's early and the only severe injury has been to Abiamiri. If it was the season, just about every starter would be able to play. It seems as if outside the injury bug, this has been a rather slow camp news wise. Of course, we've had the contract issues of Westbrook and Lito Sheppard, but they're moreso letting their agents do the work than doing talking about themselves for themselves. Shawn Andrews is still missing a camp and that is a huge letdown. I understand that the guy is pissed about his deal for next year, but he did sign the contract.

Offensively, Lorenzo Booker has been reported to look like a playmaker that the Eagles looked for and Brian Westbrook approves. [Daily News]

We got a guy they liked in the third round in 2007 for a fourth round pick in 2008. It was definitely a great move.

The Eagles have yet to see much from rookie DeSean Jackson yet who has a sore hamstring. We'll see what happens closer to preseason. Here is a complete injury update from the Eagles.


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