See What Happens When You Throw Strikes, Brett!

Tuesday, July 29, 2008 ·

Tonight, Brett Myers had a mission. With the addition of J.A. Happ to the big-league roster, Myers has now learned that his tenure in the rotation could be very short-lived if he doesn't pitch well.

Well, Myers delivered a strong outing. He through 7+ innings and likely would have the opportunity to complete 8 if Utley did not boot a double play ball. Also, whenever Myers allowed a runner on base, he generally got the ground ball he needed to end the innings. The Nationals are not Murderer's Row, but in the past, it seemed like everyone was hitting Myers. Even in the minors.

Myers threw 88 pitches and 63 for strikes. Against 26 batters. 72% of his pitches were for strikes and he averaged a little under 3.5 pitches per batter. Granted, it was the Nationals, but he had a 1:1 GB to FB ratio.

Against the Mets last week, Myers threw only 47% of his pitches for strikes. In his last efficient start against Cincinnati, he threw only 56% of his pitches for strikes. Even in his double-digit strike out games, Myers threw less than 65% of his pitches for strikes, which is a quality number, but Myers did a better job of commanding his pitches and letting his defense do the work tonight.

Chase Utley provided the only offense tonight for the Phillies with a 2-run home run in the third. Hopefully this game marks the start of Chase Utley and Brett Myers returning to their success.

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