Andy Talks about the Wide Receivers

Monday, May 12, 2008 ·

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Andy Reid provided similar commentary to what he's always said about the wide receivers. He likes what he has, a healthy LJ Smith will provide a spark, etc. He said they went after Randy Moss because you can add a player like that, you might as well try.

Personally, I did not think the WR corps was all that bad. The passing game put up great numbers before McNabb's injury and 2006. Once McNabb started to inch closer to 100%, his passing numbers started to improve. In games 9-16 last year, McNabb completed 64% of his passes for 10 touchdowns and only 3 interceptions, for a QB rating of 95.3. The Red Zone problem were a multiple of things and not just the passing game. At times the play-calling was horrendous to go with bad plays by the line. Obviously the entire offense had some work to do inside the red zone. Even Brian Westbrook struggled inside the red zone, where he only averaged 2.4 yards and scored only 5 touchdowns.

On another note, Kevin Curtis who caught 77 passes for 1110 yards, was one of only two Eagles receivers since Irving Fryar in 1997 to go over 1000 yards. You know who the other one was.

Reggie Brown or L.J. Smith truly have to have that breakout year that we've been looking for, right?


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