NFL Draft Picks: S Quintin Demps

Monday, May 12, 2008 ·

Pick #117: Quintin Demps - S - UTEP

Demps' 17 interceptions were the most among active collegiate players in 2007. He also became only the 7th player in NCAA history to total more than 400 yards in interception return yards. Demps also averages 13.3 yards per punt return last season. Both the addition of DeSean Jackson and Quintin Demps should vastly improve the return game.

Positives: Has a very good timed speed, showing the change of direction to get the ball in time playing in space. Has natural hands and ball skills, timing his leaps and elevating well to consistently get to the ball at its high point. His loose hips allow him to close on the ball in a hurry vs. plays in front of him. He has good eyes and above average route awareness, making quick reads to get a jump on the ball. He plays with better urgency attacking the ball than the man. Can match up and cover tight ends, running backs, and wide receivers when working underneath.

Negatives: His frame is built more like a cornerback - lean with adequate playing strength. He lacks the ideal recovery ability and doesn't show a second gear to recover when beaten. He is better as a downhill player and does not show great range to chase down ballcarriers in long pursuit. Tends to do what is asked, but nothing more. Sometimes he needs to be pushed. Attacks ball carriers at their feet instead of getting in good position to make a wrap tackle. Do not expect him to move to corner because he lacks the speed to cover the quicker wide receivers. While playing some corner in 2007, teams averaged 23 yards per completion on Demps. He will never be a quality every down starter because of his lack of size to be a free safety.

Pick Grade: B-

Quintin Demps could become to be a very valuable special teams player, but he'll really need to bulk up if he wants to help the Eagles defensively at the safety position. Demps does have great ballhawking skills, but I would not expect him to be more than a good Special Teams contributor for the next few years. He is not Brian Dawkins future replacement.


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