Flyers Claim Thoresen

Friday, February 22, 2008 ·

The Flyers have claimed Patrick Thoreson off waivers from Edmonton. Thoreson is a 24 year old forward. He currently has two goals and one assist with a minus-14 rating in 17 games.

Not sure how this move helps at all, but maybe it could turn out to be something nice.

TSN's Scouting Report on Thoreson:
Assets: Oozes hockey sense. Has enough versatility to play anywhere up front. Owns both two-way ability and offensive skill.

Flaws: Is a little on the smallish side (5'11"/188 lbs) and must adjust to the more aggressive game in the big league. Is more of a play-maker than goal-scorer.

Career potential: Top six forward.

If he really is a true two-way forward, that could be a big lift for this team. I wonder who's spot he'll replace in the line-up. Hopefully not Giroux, at least not yet.

Update: Thoreson seems like a guy with issues. Here is a Norwegian interview he had recently.

Right now I'm irritated and frustrated. I feel that Edmonton has given up on me. It's over here now since they they're sacrificing me like this.

There was a lot of talk, but it was all bullsh1t. They pissed on me. I played well. The explanation was that others needed match practice.

-Do you feel you're good enough for Edmonton?
-I'm not in doubt for half a second.

-How do you then explain that they waived you?
-The NHL is all politics. Everything is about the highly drafted players. I'm not drafted, and do not have a high profile.

We'll have to see if anyone else wants me. My agent is making calls. I don't know what will happen.

-What do you think the chances are that someone will claim you in the next 2 hours?
-20 per cent.

Doesn't sound like the type of a guy to add amongst a 9 game losing streak.


Anonymous said...
February 22, 2008 at 2:50 PM  

The Flyers are getting desperate.

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