Mike Patterson Arrested

Friday, February 22, 2008 ·

Eagles defensive tackle Mike Patterson was arrested Saturday and charged with marijuana possession after cops found a mother vehicle on the side of the road with damage caused by a minor accident. The police said they smelt burning marijuana coming from inside and Patterson admitted it was his. Keep in mind, this all this took place around 6 a.m.

He was with his brother, Tyrone, who has several outstanding warrants for his arrest and police said Tyrone resisted arrest. Mike Patterson was charged with possession of marijuana under 50 grams and released pending a court appearance. [Camden Courier Post]

I wonder what Goodell and his Gustapo will do with this. I think it is safe to assume Patterson will see some type of fine or suspension, but as far as we know, it is only his first offense. I think it'll be funny if he gets 4 games similar to Shawn Merriman and Rodney Harrison who were suspended for using performance-enhancing drugs. Whatever Patterson does get because of this is warranted and hopefully it also involves and ass-kicking from Brian Dawkins.


Anonymous said...
February 22, 2008 at 10:57 PM  

Notice the report clearly states that Patterson took the fall for the pot. If there were already warrants for his brother's arrest, it looks more to me like 'ol Mike was trying to help his brother out.

I'm not so sure Patterson is the dope smoker here.

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