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Wednesday, January 30, 2008 ·

The time has come for another end to the football season. And like 39 other times, us Eagles fans are not gonna be watching the Green take the field in February (or late January). We tend to pick a favorite or even the under dog. We have our reasons for doing so like last year seeing Peyton Manning finally win one or the year before seeing Bill Cowher and Jerome Bettis retiring on top. Well this year is different. Since we won't be seeing Brett Favre in the game, many of us are forced to root for New England, America's most hated team at the moment. This is a day we are not anticipating. The dilemma: root for the division rival Giants, who we were born to hate, or watch New England go 19-0 and see their bandwagon get bigger and bigger. It's disgusting really. Unfortunately, I'm forced to see those cocky New Englanders boast on a fourth trophy in six years than seeing the Giants fans from North Jersey/New York pull one more championship ahead of the Eagles.


New England: This is the most dynamic offense in the history of the NFL. They broke records in points scored for the year. They are led by MVP quarterback Tom Brady who broke the single season touchdown passes record set by Peyton Manning with 50 TD's. On the receiving end, Randy Moss caught 23 TD passes from Brady, another record held by Jerry Rice that was broken. Moss is aided by Dante Stallworth and Wes Welker, who combined for 168 catches and 11 TD's. The ground game consists of the dangerous tandem in Larence Maroney and Kevin Faulk who are both threats in the air from the backfield. Tight end Ben Watson has been spectacular in the playoffs.

New York: Eli Manning has finally proven that he is a clutch QB. He was inconsistent all year but found his consistency in the playoffs, knocking off the Buccaneers and top seeded Dallas and Green Bay. His receiving corps is very depleted compared to Brady's with Plaxico Burress being injured most of the year. Burress still finds a way to perform well every week. He is joined by Amani Toomer, who has always been clutch in the playoffs. With tight end Jeremy Shockey on the IR, Kevin Boss has been filling in for him, Boss is going to need to step up his game this Sunday.

Edge: Patriots


New England: The Patriots are number four in the league. The defense is strong. They have stuck together for most of the Super Bowl titles they accumulated. The addition of Adalius Thomas has been huge and Junior Seau has really been playing like a guy who wants to win one. The Patriots secondary is led by Asante Samuel and the hard hitting Rodney Harrison. Also Ellis Hobbs and Brandon Meriweather have been good in the supporting cast.

New York: There has been a lot of criticism on this team's defense this year. The secondary isn't great but the line is amazing. The linebacking corps is also good led by Antonio Pierce. The defensive line is led by Michael Strahan and Osu Umenyiora who combined for 22 sacks. They will give the tackles a tough job come Sunday. Sam Madison and Gibril Wilsonlead the team with 4 interceptions.

Edge: Patriots


New England: Stephen Gostkowski is supposed to be the as clutch as Adam Vinatieri. He is 1-2 in the playoffs. Chris Hansen has been solid. Ellis Hobbs is one of the best returners in the game.

New York: Lawrence Tynes is 4-6. He needs to get over almost losing the game for New York in the NFC Title game. Jeff Feagles is the best coffin corner kicker in the league. RW McQuarters is not a game breaking returner but Dominick Hixon is a good KR with on TD this year.

Edge: even


New England: Bill Belichek is a genius

New York: Tom Coughlin needs to really work to outsmart Belichek

Edges: Patriots

The Patriots are the better team, no doubt. The Giants have been really hot in the playoffs and came close to beating New England in week 17. They have nothing to lose and a lot to be motivated for. The game will be a shoot out. Eli will be good and Tom will be good. This should be a good Super Bowl as the final score ends up being 31-28......Giants.


Roose13 said...
February 2, 2008 at 9:50 PM  

I change my mind, For once in my life, I'm rooting for the Giants. I can tolerate another Giants ring over more fake Patriots fans.

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