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Tuesday, December 4, 2007 ·

Some good news that'll make you Phillies fans happy.

Pat Gillick has told reporters that Tad Iguchi is now open to playing third base and the Phillies might bring him back.

I'd love to see this happen. I am not exactly sold on Iguchi's defense at third base, however, his offense is definitely an upgrade over Dobbs and Helms. I think retaining Iguchi will also allow the Phillies to alter their line-up a little whether he bat 2nd or 6th. I wouldn't mind him hitting 2nd and allowing Victorino to hit 6th to add speed to the back of the line-up. Also, this will free up space for the Phillies to put a little more money into pitching. Hopefully things fall the Phillies way for once.

According the Wilmington News Journal, the Phillies are negotiating with Tadahito Iguchi with the intent of using the second baseman at third. According to the story, general manager Pat Gillick and Iguchi's agent, Rocky Hall, "confirmed the Phillies and Iguchi have mutual interest in a multi-year contract to fill the club's third base need."

I would not advise you to get excited about Bedard. The Phillies have some interest, but not enough to really swing a trade for him. It would deplete the farm system far too much.

The Phillies and Ryan Howard's agent will sit down soon to talk about a long-term deal.

The Phillies have plenty of time to sign Howard to a long-term deal, but it is the right thing to do by rewarding Ryan Howard. I could see Howard getting around a 7 year, 100-110 million deal. A little bit higher than Utley's 7 year, 85 million contract last year.

The Pirates are shopping Nate McLouth and the Phillies are interested.

Eh, he's not that great and I am not sure if he is much of an upgrade over Jayson Werth. Actually, he really isn't at all. However, he did hit well over the final two months of last year's season. He'd be a risk, but he could provide some reward.

The Phillies interest in Kris Benson is confirmed. He'll be throwing in front of quite a few teams a few weeks from now.

As a former pitcher, I would not want to mess with anyone who has had rotator cuff problems. Elbow problems and shoulder problems are a big difference because generally shoulder problems do not go away. For those who get Tommy John surgery, their velocity generally increases because the tendons they use to replace the torn ones are generally tighter. The Phillies are being intelligent this time and looking at all their options before they pull another dumb Adam Eaton-esque move.

Rowand is not out of the picture. Livan Hernandez is not high on Gillick's list. Phillies are still in the mix for Kuroda.

It seems like the Phillies would be willing to pay extra for Rowand if he'd sign a three year deal with an option for a fourth. I can understand Rowand, who is 30, wanting a longer deal for financial security. As if 40 million plus over 3 years would not be enough, but whatever. I cannot blame him for wanting to get paid.

I am very happy that we have very little interest in Livan Hernandez. I don't want him anywhere near the Phillies unless we're playing him.

Rumor has it that Kuroda is looking for a 4 year, 40 million plus deal and some place have said 5 year, 55 million. I think this is far too many year and even far too much money for what the Phillies are trying to do starting pitching wise.

Brandon Inge?

I am assuming that Brandon Inge is now available since the Tigers have acquired Miguel Cabrera (along with Dontrelle Willis) from the Florida Marlins. I think it is safe to assume that the Phillies will inquire about Inge. I am pretty sure the Phillies would definitely prefer Iguchi over Inge. Inge is owed $19.1 million over 3 years.


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