Someone Wants Wes Helms

Friday, December 7, 2007 ·

The Florida Marlins have made an offer for Wes Helms. Though the name of the player does not matter because he will never make the pro team, at least one would hope a prospect traded for Wes Helms would not do such a thing, but his name is Scott Nestor.

I'd accept anything ranging from 3 unrecognizable pennies to a 7 year old newspaper.

Right now, the Marlins are looking at Jorge Cantu. Please, forget Cantu, Florida, get Wes Helms!

Other Phillies notes:

While watching ComcastSportsnet, Pat Gillick mentioned that the Phillies are now likely to have an internal competition for the 5th rotation spot.

Well, where will the under budget money go now? We still need pitching and now we're losing out on relievers. It's not overpaying anymore. It's the market. I agree with the Phillies that they have shied away from certain available starting pitchers, and we do not have enough prospects to pull off a trade, but frankly something has to be done. You now have to UPGRADE the offense again with their lack of pitching, something else they continue to neglect.


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