Reid/McNabb likely back in 08'

Friday, December 7, 2007 ·

For those fans who were looking for a change in the Eagles organization, via quarterback and head coach, don't expect it.

According to Team President Joe Banner,

"I can't envision a situation in which (Donovan McNabb) is not our quarterback next year ... I believe there is a very, very sizable silent majority who realize how lucky we have been to have Donovan McNabb. I mean, we are talking about a quarterback who went to four straight (NFC) championship games. There are only four quarterbacks in the history of the league that have done that. You are talking about a quarterback who has had a higher winning percentage in his first seven years in the league than Peyton Manning. You are talking about a quarterback that has one of the highest quarterback ratings over the first seven seasons, one of the best TD-to-interceptions ratios of any quarterback in the history of this game in his first seven seasons in the league ... My expectations, and I can't really even picture a different scenario, is that he'll be the quarterback (next season)."
Banner also discusses if Andy Reid ever considered leaving the team and how they evaluate talent.

Now, I think McNabb is the most talented quarterback we have right now. Also, I think he is likely the most talented quarterback that will be available next year (Derek Anderson and Rex Grossman top the list). I think both McNabb and Reid have to go through a change themselves. They both seem stubborn in their own right, which is the biggest reason why people seem to dislike them. Some of the changes seem so simple that it is hard for us fans to believe that they cannot be done.

There are some nice free agents out there next year as the list is headed by WR Randy Moss and DE Jared Allen. Also, WR Bernard Berrian looks like a good target for the Eagles as he'd be able to stretch the field. Also, I could see the Eagles looking at WR Bryant Johnson.


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