Nothing exciting to report lately

Wednesday, December 26, 2007 ·

There's been nothing really to report. Sports in Philly have been boring if not depressing. The Eagles are eliminated from the playoffs, the Flyers are on a 6-game losing streak (2 points), and the Sixers are having another dismal season. The only bright spot is the Phillies can't depress us with blowing it even though their front office has been dormant other than siging Jenkins and Taguchi and trading for Lidge.

Other news...
-Prior signs one year deal to Padres
-Pats/Giants to be aired on national TV
-Blazers are on an 11-game win-streak
-MSU punishes five players from bowl game for accademic violations after 36 from FSU got banned for cheating


A small introduction...

We Hate to Lose began in October 2007. The initial purpose of the website was to provide news updates and commentary on all four major sports teams in Philadelphia. Because of time-constraints, in April of 2009, I decided to post only on my first-love, the Philadelphia Phillies.

My name is Justin Evans and I hope you enjoy the site.

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