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Thursday, December 13, 2007 ·

Thursday December 13th 2007
Denver -1.5 o/u 47.5 at Houston
The play: In an almost pick 'em game, I like Denver. They are much healthier than Houston (Matt Schaub is out). My play take DENVER and the OVER.

Saturday December 15th 2007
Cincinnati -8 o/u 43 at San Francisco
The play: If you are picking just one game stay away from this. More than a TD compounded with a weak D sounds like a recipe for a back-door cover however if you are so inclined to take this game I would take Ocho Cinco & Co. giving ocho to the niners. My Play CINCY and the OVER.

Sunday December 16th 2007
Baltimore -3.5 o/u 37.5 at Miami
The Scoop: We know what Miami team will show up (the bad one) but will we see the Ravens who went toe to toe with Goliath or the Ravens who got smoked by Indy? My play: Baltimore and the UNDER.

@ Cleveland -5.5 o/u 43.5 vs. Buffalo
The scoop: What alternate reality are we in when both the Browns and Bills are playoff caliber teams. I think the Browns regroup from the almost fatal collapse in the Meadowlands (the jets almost won that’s a wake up call for your team). My play: BROWNS and the OVER.

@ Dallas -10.5 o/u 48.5 vs. Philly
The scoop: I don’t know what’s hotter Tony Romo’s play or his female friends (Jessica Simpson and old flavor of the month Carrie Underwood). I wish the Eagles could beat the ’boys and have Dawkins rock T.O. so hard he thinks has still in San Fran. Eagles' Nest bet with your head and not your heart. My play: DALLAS and the UNDER.

Green Bay -9.5 o/u 45 @ St Louis
The scoop: Sports betting is like running through a mine field, your one move away from destruction... I personally do not like any play here. Conventional wisdom says GB torches the Rams however I smell a trap/back-door cover so proceed with caution. My play: PACKERS and OVER.

Indianapolis – 10.5 o/u 45 @ Oakland
The scoop: A nicked up Colts team has been firing on all cylinders recently. Oakland has been inconsistent and the double digit spread is safe, parlay worthy that’s the question. My play: INDY and the UNDER (not a typo).

New England -23.5 o/u 46.5 vs. the Jets
The scoop: We know the story spy gate, master vs. protégé, NY vs. NE “the chowder (or chowda if you prefer) war” the former “Man-Genius” (I revoked his status after last weeks dismal clock management). My play PATRIOTS and the OVER (Brandon Lang said on sports unfiltered patriots drop 50 on the Jets)

New Orleans -3.5 o/u 48 vs. Arizona
The Scoop: if you like watching running backs turn this game off the Saints are missing Duce and Reggie Bush; The Edge has been dull since going to ‘Zona. I smell a couple of 300 yard passing games. My Play ARIZONA and the UNDER

New York Giants -4.5 o/u 36.5 vs. Washington
The Scoop: The only result true eagles’ fans want in this game is a daisy cutter bomb reducing the Meadowlands Sports Complex to the pre-historic marshlands they used to be. It’s the battle of the mentally handicapped Eli Manning (the George Bush of QB’s [Choker]) vs. Dan Snyder’s Redskins; The Isaiah Thomas/ James Dolan of the NFL trading picks and giving out big money for a few wins. My play: GIANTS and the OVER.

Pittsburgh -3.5 o/u 37 vs. Jacksonville
The scoop: The “game of the week” featuring two smash mouth teams committed to ground domination. What I’m curious to see is how the sod is at Heinz Field. My play: STEELERS and the UNDER.

San Diego-10 o/u 45.5 vs. Detroit
The scoop: An odd match-up to say the least featuring two inconsistent teams. SD looked bad in September, but appears to have the ship going the right way. Detroit had the game in the bag vs. Dallas and made Romo look like Elway. My play DETROIT and the UNDER.

Seattle -7.5 o/u 37 @ Carolina
The Scoop: Everything about this game is ugly: the stadium, the uniforms, Mike Hologram's mustache, and watching the panthers play. My Play SEAHAWKS (the correct name for a Seahawk is an osprey how intimating dose that sound) and the UNDER.

Tampa Bay -13.5 o/u 39 vs. Atlanta
The scoop: The city of Atlanta is not having a good year; running out of water, Mike Vick, their coach resigned and took the Arkansas job (why would you go from the NFL to Fayetteville?) Oh and they have to play Chuck’s Bucs. My play: TAMPA and the UNDER.

Tennessee -4 o/u 34 @ Kansas City
The Scoop: Eagles cult fan favorite Herm Edwards' Chiefs have Hank Stram and Lamar Hunt rolling in their graves because they have not won since their bye. Conventional wisdom says to take the points at home. My play: TITANS and the OVER.

Monday December 17th 2007
Minnesota -10 o/u 43 vs. Chicago
The scoop: I hate betting on a game involving inconsistent teams; however, since this is Monday Night and people (including my self occasionally) after having a disastrous weekend will chase their money and try to get back to even for the week. Hopefully we are not in this predicament. My play: VIKINGS and the UNDER.


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