Warner 2; McNabb 0

Sunday, January 18, 2009 ·

I'm sure Justin will write a post on this game as well but I figured I will write one too. I saw some great positives, some bad negatives, some typical situations, and some aspects of the game that need to change. I'll do a quick summary and then go into my 4 points after the jump.

The Cardinals won 32-25. That's a given. Donovan McNabb completed 28/47 passes for 375 yards, most coming in the 3rd quarter. He had 3 TD's and a pick. Kurt Warner completed 21/28 passes for 279 yards and no picks. He also threw 4 TDs, 3 to Larry Fitzgerald. Fitz had 9 catches for 152 yards as well. Leading the Eagles in receiving was Brent Celek who had an amazing game with 10 catches for 83 yards and 2 TDs. Kevin Curtis had 4 for 122 and DeSean Jackson had 6 for 92 and a score. The running games were shut down all day on both sides even though the backs did get off some decent runs. Adrian Wilson for Arizona had an amazing game with 2 sacks and a forced fumble.

The Positives:
-McNabb started things off with a 21 yard run. He also ran for 10 yards down in the red zone that set up the Eagles go ahead TD in the 4th.
-After being down 24-6 at the half and fumbling on the opening drive of the 3rd, McNabb, the offense, and defense played the best it had all postseason. Too bad that died after the Eagles went ahead in the 4th.
-Celek proved that he is a much better offensive weapon than LJ Smith. He needs to learn to block better if he can be trusted as a full-fledged starter next year.
-The only positive in Andy Reid's play calling was he recognized he could beat Arizona deep.

The Negatives:
-The defense was terrible for 3 quarters.
-The play of Tra Thomas was God-awful! He had terrible penalties on him and he was poor at reading the blitz. On Wilson's sack and strip, instead of picking up Wilson, Thomas doubled down with Todd Herramins to block the end and let Wilson go in untouched to strip McNabb.
-McNabb was bad in the first half as well. His throws were all over the place and his completion to Hank Baskett was all due to Baskett's great catch. A good throw and that was a long TD run for him.
-The wide recievers continued ot drop key passes, like Kevin Curtis on 4th and 10 w/ 1:57 to go in the game. Yea I know the throw was suspect and the PI call was missed but he should have had that. Baskett and Jackson also dropped some passes but both also made some amazing ones. Consistency guys!
-Reid's play calling. 47/18 pass/run ratio and an absent screen game.
-Where did the defense go? I mean this defense was amazing versus New York and Minny and was just outplayed by a loaded Cards offense. I mean they could not get proper pressure on Kurt.

-Reid's play calling.
-Dropped passes.
-The new Greatest Show on Turf was just awesome. I mean this is gonna be a good Super Bowl seeing a high powered offense in Arizona play a stellar defense in Pittsburgh or Baltimore.
-Fitzgerald is the best WR in the game and Warner is a future HOFer.
-The Eagles get us on an emotional high to dash our hopes and dreams on the rocks. Hey, atleast we finally got our parade with the Phillies but one with the Birds would be just as sweet, if not sweeter.

Aspect of the game that needs changing/monitering:
-There is one thing that pisses me off the most. I know the refs blew some calls for Arizona early in the game but don't do make up calls. 2 wrongs that make a fucking right! Not once but twice did they blow PI calls that were key to the Eagles. The first forced a field goal in the 2nd quarter and the second ended the game. Kevin Curtis was clearly dragged down before he caught it and no flag was thrown.

Now that I got that shit out of the way. I'll do a wrap up and call it a night.

Eagles Best Play: Jackson's 62 yard TD pass that was tipped by Rogers-Cromartie. Jackson then bobbled it a few times and got control as he waltzed into the endzone.
Eagles Worst Play: the screen pass caught by JJ Arington that was the go ahead TD.
Eagles Best Number: 10 (number of catches by Brent Celek)
Eagles Worst Number: 3 (number of TDs by Fitzgerald)
Turning Point: on 3rd and 19, McNabb completed a 50 yard pass to Curtis to set up their first touchdown.

3 Stars (both teams):
-Brent Celek
-Donovan McNabb
-DeSean Jackson

-Adrian Wilson
-Kurt Warner
-Larry Fitzgerald

I'm not gonna be bitter. They fought hard after being ruled out a few times all year and this game. Plus they beat the Giants twice, once in the playoffs, and manhandled the Cowboys to get in.

Arizona will play Pittsburgh in Super Bowl XLIII.


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