Elton Brand to Return Saturday

Thursday, January 22, 2009 ·

Elton Brand will finally return to the lineup on Saturday against the New York Knicks. Brand has missed the last sixteen 76ers games. According to coach Tony DiLeo, Brand will come off the bench on Saturday.

“We are planning that he plays on Saturday, the same type of situation where he comes off the bench in short stints of four, five or six minutes and getting him back in the game a little bit,” coach Tony DiLeo said.
CSN Philly

It will be interesting to see how Brand adapts to the Sixers "run with us" theme. It has been stated that Brand will adjust to the 76ers style of play that works and the team will not be trying to adjust to the half-court feed it to the post game.

“I don’t think much is going to change,” Andre Iguodala said. “I think everybody is still going to get our touches. As long as we keep our defense up and stay with that fast-paced flow, we’ll be fine.”
At least the 76ers get to see the Knicks in Brand's first game back. The weaker opponent could help Brand get more accustomed the 76ers style of offense better.

I had a feeling Brand would be back as soon as the winning streak ended. Time to start a new one.


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