Dear Santa,

Monday, December 22, 2008 ·

Dear Santa,

I know we pelted you with ice balls back in 1968 but we were just kiddin'. I mean we were frustrated and we took it out on ya' big guy. But now we have another fat man who we want to take our frustration out on. No we don't want to throw ice balls at him and no we don't want coal in his stocking. We just want his fat ass off the sidelines. Can you please bring some Christmas cheer to Philly and have Andy Reid fired.

Sincerely, another frustrated Eagles fan

All kidding aside, Reid must go! After all the the wasted opportunities to sustain drives, I have officially become sick of Reid. I mean if anyone has not learned a single f***ing thing from the past 3 weeks it's Andy Reid. You ran the ball versus Arizona, New York, and Cleveland and blew them away. What do you do versus a Washington team that fears Brian Westbrook and barely blitzed all game? You passed the damn ball 46 freakin' times as opposed to 16 runs, 12 for Westbrook!

I couldn't curse enough to make me feel better after wasting my money, time, and gas to go to Washington to freeze my ass off to see Philly kick a field goal and come 1 inch short of tying the damn game. My awesome game analysis is coming after the jump.

Offense: I think I'm gonna have an aneurysm talking about them. First thing is first. The game was not Donovan McNabb's fault. He played well. He had receivers drop at least 6 balls, including 3 by LJ Smith and 2 deep balls by DeSean Jackson. I will tear DeSean apart later along with Reggie Brown.

Reid called short dumps to Smith all game and called the short dumps on 3rd and long all game! It was sickening to watch Smith drop them or come up short of the first down. They threw the ball long once during the first half, once in the third quarter, and a couple times on the last drive. Washington was playing a zone most of the game. You have to spread the field to get defenders out of position and Reid's play calling did the exact opposite. He called so many short passes that I wanted to go out their and kick him in the f***ing nuts.

I know Westbrook was playing hurt but he has been the past 3 weeks as well. And if you don't want to run with him, you have Correll Buckhalter. Didn't you say you should have run Buck more? Where did that epiphany go?

When McNabb decided to go deep, including twice to Jackson, the little midget dropped them. The first came in the third quarter where Jackson had the Skins backs burned so bad that when he stopped to catch the ball, he was still wide open. He could have caught it and fallen down and the play would have gone for over 30 yards. Instead he drops the damn ball. Then on the last drive, McNabb threw a ball about 30 yards into the end zone and Jackson dropped it wide open in the back of pay dirt.

And finally for R. Brown. Yes you made a helluva catch w/ 7 seconds left but this is what pissed me off. First you didn't run a route deep enough to get in the end zone. Second you were too busy fucking around after the catch that we lost the shot at a possible last play w/ no time left. Instead of quickly handing the ball to the ref. You got up and ran back into the end zone. YOU WERE KNOCKED DOWN! Get the hell up and book it to the LOS. You want more playing time? You want to be paid? Sit your ass on the bench next to Lito Sheppard and you can whine together and stay out of the way of players who will contribute.

Defense: I have nothing to really go into detail with them. They weren't the story of the game. They played great but unfortunately dropped 2 interceptions, one by Asante Samuel and another by Chris Gocong which set up Washington's field goal. They also had a stupid offsides penalty that gave the Skins a first down which led to their 3rd quarter TD.

Stewart Bradley was all over the place with 10 tackles and the line got solid pressure on Jason Campbell. The only other bad plays they had were their inability to contain him twice. Outside of that, they kept him under control and forced bad passes.

Special Teams: They scored. Sav Rocca sucks. There was nothing to do about Washington's three great punts trapping them inside the 10. Quinten Demps had a nice return when Shaun Suisham's kick was short in the first.

The only way Philly can make the playoffs is if they beat Dallas and Tampa Bay loses next week and Chicago loses either tonight or next week. They somehow are still in it thanks to the Chargers kicking Tampa's ass yesterday (which by the way killed me fantasy-wise)

Philly closes out the season at home versus Dallas. There's still hope for an early playoff exit!

On another note. Justin beat me 81.5-80.5. I was winning by 1 point but factored in a fumble that Bernard Berrian had that lost me 2 points, putting Justin on top. Also Tampa's poor defensive outing scored me -6 points hahaha. It was a great fantasy season for both of us.

Congrats to the site's founder, Justin Evans!


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