Thanksgiving Day Masacre

Thursday, November 27, 2008 ·

An eagle is pictured to me mighty and powerful. It soars through the sky and gives a mighty screech. A cardinal, on the other hand, is small and weak. It flutters from tree to tree, singing a sweet melody. Surely the little red bird can not be mightier than an eagle.

Well someone should tell that to the Philadelphia Eagles. After an embarrassing tie to a horrible Bengals team and getting whipped 36-7 by a Ravens team that wins with defense rather than offense, the birds' odds are not looking good against a high powered Cardinals offense led by Kurt Warner and receivers Anquan Boldin and Larry Fitzgerald.

I'm not gonna go into full detail on either team but I'll just give a little insight as to why we will be thankful the game is on the NFL Network. It will be showing locally but I doubt it will be on more than a half.

The Eagles offense vs Arizona defense: this game should be a shoot out. It should be a battle of two high powered offenses. The problem is that the Eagles should have put points up vs Cincinnati and failed and the offense didn't score vs Baltimore (Quinton Demps returned a kick for a TD). Will McNabb and the offense show up after his embarrassing benching to an even worse Kevin Kolb? I doubt it.
Edge: Arizona

The Eagles defense versus Arizona offense: This will be ugly. Asante Samuel is hurting and this is the best WR duo in the game in Boldin and Fitzgerald. Warner is still dangerous and Tim Hightower can break big runs.
Edge: Arizona

Special Teams: this is our only bright spot if Sav Roccs isn't kicking into the wind. David Akers has been solid and DeSean Jackson and Demps have broken punt and kicks for TDs respectively this year.
Edge: Philly

Final score: Arizona 35-13.


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