The Dream is Over

Saturday, November 8, 2008 ·

Well, the dreams of a National Championship game berth are all, but over for Penn State. Today, they blew a 23-14 lead heading in to the 4th quarter and lost on a last second 31-yard field goal 24-23.

Playing in high winds, the passing game struggled. Daryll Clark was held to 9-26 for 86 yards. In fact, their best pass of the day was thrown by Derrick Williams when he hit Mickey Shuler for a 23-yard pass on Penn State's final possession. Then, Galen Hall tried to be cute with a direct snap to Derrick Williams immediately after, followed by an end-around to Derrick Williams. Derrick Williams carried the ball 12 times, so you figure Iowa had to pick up on it at some point.

It was also Galen Hall' brilliant play-calling to begin the game that gave Iowa great field position for an early touchdown.

It just wasn't Penn State's day and this seems like another year where Penn State's possible title hopes ended in the final seconds. Unless a lot of team's lose, the seniors will not get that opportunity. However, barring another collapse, Penn State is now in line to play in the Rose Bowl.

It sucks, but the season isn't completely lost. It is just the way college footbll is. Iowa was bound to win won of their close games this season.

How the fuck did we lose 7 of our last 8 games to Iowa?


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