Big Brown Finishes 2nd in MVP Race; Likes Tits

Monday, November 17, 2008 ·

Ryan Howard finished 2nd behind the more deserving Albert Pujols in the MVP race. How received 12 first-place votes to Pujols 18 and finished 61 points behind Pujols overall. Brad Lidge finished 8th and Chase Utley finished 15th.

Listen, I know we all want our guys to win individual awards, but across the board, Pujols was more deserving. Yes, Howard is a better hitter, but Pujols also hits 450 foot line drives. Without a doubt, he is the best hitter in baseball, which was demonstrated by his .653 slugging percentage.

We received the award that matters most.

In other Ryan Howard news, he was seen getting a fair amount of private dances at the Lou Turk's strip club in Essington. Dan Gross of the Daily News reported,

A LOYAL FRIEND kept people from taking cell phone pictures of Ryan Howard as he hung out Wednesday night at Lou Turk's (500 Pawhatton), a strip club in Essington. Not surprisingly, Howard attracted lots of attention from the topless dancers. Sources say the Phillies slugger spent a fair amount of time in a private dance area with one of the ladies.

We're told Howard was friendly to those patrons who could get past his hulking friend to say hello to the World Series champion.

On Friday, a co-owner of the club emphatically denied that Howard was there, which is not surprising, as many strip clubs keep their clients' identities quiet.
A nice little way to celebrate a World Series trophy.


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