What the fuck is going on?

Sunday, October 19, 2008 ·

I'm really starting to get to my tipping point with the Flyers. Disclaimer, if you really hate a rant about one of your teams, please do not read any further.

Stop losing, dickbags. Stop sitting there taking dumb penalties (though last night's game was the worst officiated game I've ever seen)! Stop playing one-dimensional hockey! It seems like that on every line, we have one or two guys playing their heart out, but then we have the other linemate being lazy and getting caught with their thumb up their ass while their man skates in easy to score.

Yesterday, it was Simon Gagne who got caught out of position on San Jose's winning goal allowing Dan Boyle to skate in and get the easy goal. It's really upsetting with the number of goals we've allowed to defenseman this year, let alone the number of goals they've scored within 10 feet of the net. They're hitting slam dunks, not just slap shots through screens.

The Flyers are winless in their first 5 games for only the second time in franchise history. Yes, even in our 56 point season, we got a win in the first three games. We're the last winless team in hockey. This is just pathetic. Last night, we were out-shot 45-17. Often, the Flyers try to be too cute in the opponent's zone and instead of putting the puck on the net, they're putting the puck around the boards and often turning it over.

The Sharks had 18 giveaways yesterday. 18...and we still could not win! We were out hit, out shot, and lost the face-off battle 36-26. Mike Richards has been everything you could ask for in a captain, but now it is time for him to do something he rarely does. Speak up and get loud with the team. Wake them up. John Stevens is a pathetic motivator and this team needs to police themselves.

We do have one positive. Yes, he gave up 5 goals last night, but I have been impressed with Antero Niittymaki thus far this season. He's made plenty of impressive saves and when the opposing team is constantly shooting the puck, they're bound to go in.

Man up boys, man up!

If you want to see the highlights, you can click after the jump.


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