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Friday, October 24, 2008 ·

Last night, the Phillies bats were alive to reach base, but died epicly as soon as the lead-off man was on base. Their struggles with RISP continued last night as they're now 1-28 in the series. Their only RBIs came after an error (though it should have been scored a shit) and a ground out. The Phillies reached base 14 times last night, but only 2 guys could cross the plate, one by an Eric Bruntlett home run.

Hopefully, some home cooking, the Philly crowd, and Citizen's Bank Park will wake the bats up or the Phillies are in for a rude awakening. There were some bright spots. Carlos Ruiz played great last night and is playing the best he's played all year during the postseason. Even on his outs, he's been hitting the ball hard. His at-bats would have proved even better if Rollins, Werth, and Utley could knock him in.

In regards to pitching, Myers did a great job. Some breaks didn't go his way whether it be because of the umpire or just hits that found a hole. What can you do, right? Going into the game, many experts felt that Myers would be completely outmatched, but that was not the case. Yes, he gave up 3 earned runs, but he pitched 7 strong innings, only needing 85 innings to do so. If the Phillies were leding, there was a possibility that he could go 8 or 9 innings without a problem. I was extremely impressed with his performance last night and that makes me feel much better about the series, the deeper it goes.

J.C. Romero also came in and pitched well in his inning of relief. It's been a long lay off for him and these bullpen guys needed the rest at the end of the year. I'd expect to see Durbin, Romero, and Madson to remain sharp throughout the series.

Check in tomorrow to read about what I think the Phillies might need to do to fix their lineup problems.


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