Tuesday Morning Quarterback

Tuesday, October 7, 2008 ·

Andy Reid should be fired, plain and simple. It has become widely seen that he can not call the right plays when it matters. His incompetence along with a lack of fire on the offense is burying the Eagles deeper and deeper in the NFC East, a division that will not get any easier.

The Eagles 27-23 loss to the Redskins was a knock down punch. These next games can be considered the "10 count." To add insult to injury, Brian Westbrook suffered two broken ribs Sunday and will be a game time decision for their game against the Niners.

Game Analysis after after the jump:

They looked lost. Their ability to finish drives was nowhere to be seen. Even David Akers was unable to put the ball through the uprights on an easy 32 yarder. Donovan McNabb went 17-29 for 196 yards, no TDs and no interceptions. Brian Westbrook was held to 33 yards on 12 attempts for a TD and 6 catches for 50 yards. His TD came on a 9 yard run on the first drive. DeSean Jackson then returned a punt 68 yards for a TD and then got no looks for the rest of the game, another flaw in Reid's game plan.
Grade: C-

They looked even more lost out there. Yea they got fired up by leader Brian Dawkins butt he execution was terrible and the #1 run defense got smoked by Clinton Portis. Portis ran for 145 yards and a TD. Ladell Betts gained 44 yards as well. TE Chris Cooly, who kills the Eagles, smoked the defense as well with 8 catches for 109 yards and a TD. The only good stat on the Eagles defense was Dawkins' lone sack on Jason Campbell.
Grade: C

Special Teams:
Only DeSean Jackson's 68 yard punt return saved this unit from getting a giant F. Quentin Demps was terrible on KR's and Akers missed an easy FG.
Grade: C+

Coaching: FAIL!

Yea I was hard on this game but what Eagles fan wasn't. Now I'm not saying the season is over or this team is a complete failure but these are problems that need to be fixed and need to be fixed now. They are burying themselves in a deep, deep hole and won't be able to climb out unless they make a complete U-turn. Their next chance is this Sunday in San Francisco.


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