Roller Coaster of a Night

Tuesday, October 14, 2008 ·

Wow, what a night. Ladies and gentlemen, our beloved Phillies are one win away from clinching a berth in the World fucking Series! Are you kidding me!?

Just Enough
I've never been such a huge spiritual person, but didn't it seem like Victorino's shot was carried over the fence. Playing in the "City of Angels," was the ball assisted somehow, someway by the spirits of Victorino's late grandmother or Charlie Manuel's late mother? No matter the source, luck was on our side.

They always say that to get to the World Series, you need to be good, but luck will play a huge part. Skill or luck, Victorino came through yet again. Victorino has been in the middle of everything in this series.

The Moon Shot
Carlos Ruiz, who has played surprisingly well got a single to stretch the inning. Only, he didn't know he stretched an inning into a dramatic Hollywood ending. Matt Stairs followed him up by blasting a 3-1 fastball deep into the right field pavillion seats. That 3-1 fastball sent the Phillies back into the driver's seat of the NLCS.

Matt Stairs, a late season addition, has proved to be just another notch on Pat Gillick's belt in terms of waiver wire steals.

People that know me can account for this: I can be very impatient fan of all of our teams. I get frustrated quickly and easily, usually just caught in the moment, rather than waiting for everything to play out. Maybe it is the fact that I follow game 1 of the regular season as closely as game 4 of the NLCS, but I'm not sure.

During this postseason, I've decided to take it all in stride and enjoy it for what it is. Even with game 3 losses in both series, I didn't completely panic. There was more of a sense of urgency in the NLCS because we didn't exactly play great in the first two games of the series and it being only a 5 game series meant things could change quickly.

Someone is always stepping up for this team. Everyone has contributed in this postseason, except for Jamie Moyer. Poor Jamie. You don't want to get down on him becuse was so good for us all season. Is it fatigue or is the long lay off making him look shaky. We can't forget, he's still 45 years old. With all of this, my gut feeling says tht he has at least one good start left in him this postseason. You have to believe, right? A World Series title would be the most fitting way for him to go out. Especially for the team he grew up rooting for. You have to believe, right?

Just one win away!


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