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Thursday, October 16, 2008 ·

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We're going to the World Series! We're going to the World Series! I know some of you are older and were able to clearly remember 1980, 1983, and 1993, but I was only 9 in 93'. I remember trying to stay up all night to watch the Phillies celebration going to the World Series, but I just couldn't do it. This moment means so much to me. I'm not going to lie, I was a little teary-eyed last night. This is the moment that will probably wipe my past Philadelphia pessimist slate clean. I've come to realize that with this team, the phrase "You have to believe" clearly describes them. You just have to believe. We are National League Champions!

I still can't believe it. I'd love for everyone to comment with where they were or whatever they were doing during the bottom of the ninth. Through much of the game, I locked myself in my bedroom. I wanted no distractions. I laid in bed and watched it all take place. I would have loved to be out, but I knew I just needed to be alone for this one. This would be my first World Series clinching moment that I know I'll remember for the rest of my life.

Once we got to the ninth, I muted the television and turned on Harry. Because of the tv delay, I went to my computer, counted down the outs with my friends via AIM, and listened to Harry tell the story. Yes, I'd turn around after Harry made the call, but I just could not have it any other way. That same call that you see in the youtube video above.

"Lidge stretches, the 3-2 pitch, swing and a pop up. This game is going to be over. Carlos Ruiz squeezes it and the Phillies are the National League Champions. The Phils move on to the World Series!"

Such a great moment. I would really love to go on and on, but I'm still speechless over 8 hours later. I wish I was close enough to drive to Frankford and Cottman last night. The scene just looked amazing. Hopefully no one was injured and everyone just had a good time.

Also, I want to make a quick note. I don't know much about Mayor Nutter politically, but you always see him out there with the fans or attending games. Last night, he was just another fan celebrating at Chickie's and Pete's.

For actual recap on the game, click after the jump.

Jimmy Rollins started the clinching game off the same way he did in game 4 against the Brewers. His lead off home run set the tone. It gave the nail-biters, a sigh of relief.

1, well 2 runs is all King Cole would need. Though he seemed to leave a few pitches up early, he only allowed one run on a Manny Ramirez home run. The NLCS MVP just put his name into history with another lefty we'll never forget. Young Cole Hamels, a southern California native, used a dominating performance to take us to the next step. For the second time in this series, he threw 7 strong innings. He was 2-0 with a 1.93 ERA in 14 innings of work. Compare him to Lefty. He's been that good for us.

Something that did go unnoticed among all the hoopla was Ryan Howard's great night. He reached base 4 out 5 times, with 3 hits. Knocking in what proved to be the game-winning 2nd run. Immediately after, Pat Burrell knocked in a run to make it 3-0 and everything about this team seemed back to normal. EVERYONE was contributing. Howard rose his NLCS average to .300 putting all of those struggling remarks behind him. He's due for a big home run and it'll come on the biggest state possible.

Shane Victorino, what can you say? He was in the middle of everything. When's the last time he was intentionally walked once, let alone twice in a game. Everything seemed to revolve around him. His defense in center field last night was just amazing. The only stopping him from getting to any ball was the outfield wall. He turned on the after burners. The end of the road is near. Let it all hang out!

Lastly, we have the "bridge to Lidge." Ryan Madson has been absolutely phenomenal this post season. Just flat out ridiculous. Last night, he hit 97 MPH. He has completely developed into a great set-up man. For awhile now, I've been saying that we need that fire-baller in the bullpen. Well, we have it. He says the finish line, so he's going all out. He and Lidge both pitched scoreless innings of relief to clinch our first World Series berth in 15 years.

We're going to the fucking World Series!

editor's note: I wrote this early this morning because I could not sleep with excitement. Anyway, I forgot to post it before I rushed out to get the NL Champions t-shirts. Oh and finally my new high definition box.

There will be more posts about this historic event later, so check back in all day.


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