Oh, What a Night!

Sunday, October 26, 2008 ·

The first game ever played at Citizen's Bank Park was an epic one. It was a little before 2AM when Carlos Ruiz knocked in the winning run with the bases loaded. Ruiz's swinging bunt went just enough to allow Eric Bruntlett to beat the throw home. The Fightin' Phils won 5-4 and we're now up 2-1 in the World Series. See the excitement in the video I was able to capture below.

Yesterday was such an emotional day for myself and my friends. We were down along the field during the pre-game shows and interviews and we were overcame with a bunch of emotions. As youngsters, we've all drempt about being a professional baseball player playing on the World Series. Our Phillies are living the dream right now and they're making the best of it.

Jamie Moyer was at the parade at 1980. The Phillies were his hometown team. He was a local youngster just like the rest of us. The Phillies are now the team he plays for and there was nothing stopping him from helping the Phillies move closer to a World Series trophy. Jamie was phenomenal last night throwing 6 1/3 innings allowing 3 ER and striking out 5. He likely would have finished the 7th if it had not been for an awful call by the first base umpire. Moyer's performance was just amazing though and everyone knew how bad he felt after his first two starts this postseason. Jamie has had many memorable wins during his tenure here and though he didn't get the win last night, it will probably be the game he will be remembered for the most as a Phillie. He stepped up for us and it was huge. Everyone pegged game 3 as a huge pitching advantage for the Rays. Well, advantage us.

Offensively, it was only due time before Rollins broke out of his slump and he did so early when he started off the game with a single. After a wild pitch that moved Rollins and Werth up a base, Utley grounded out to second to get the run home. The Phillies have an exceptional record when Rollins is on base and scores. Nothing stopped that last night. The Rays would later tie it with an RBI ground-out of their own, but Carlos Ruiz put the Phillies back on top immediately with a solo home run in the bottom of the 2nd. We ragged on Carlos' offense all year, but he's stepping up for us right now. Before every at-bat he was getting a loud ovation last night. Times have changed.

In the bottom of the 6th, the Phillies big combo of Utley and Howard hit back-to-back home runs. It was only due time before Howard joined in on the fun, and here it is from behind section 114.

The Rays later tied it at 4 after some things didn't go our way, but it only set up the epic 9th inning for the Phillies. This is Philly. It will never be easy. JC Romero pitched 1.1 innings and got the win. Often-mouthy Grant Balfour got the loss for the Rays.

Oh...we're back at it tonight!

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