Most Popular Hockey Mom?

Wednesday, October 8, 2008 ·

Vice President candidate, Sarah Palin, will drop the first puck at the Flyers-Rangers season opener. [Philadelphia Flyers]

The Flyers are looking for the "Ultimate Hockey Mom" and they felt that Sarah Palin is the country's most popular "hockey mom." The winner of the "Ultimate Hockey Mom" contest will be on ice with Mrs. Palin. This is what Ed Snider had to say:

“Because of the tremendous amount of publicity she has brought to our sport, we invited the most popular hockey mom in North America to our home opener to help us get our season started,” said Comcast-Spectacor Chairman Ed Snider who founded the Flyers in 1967. “We are very excited she has accepted our offer and we are very proud of the publicity she is generating for hockey moms and the sport of hockey.”
In a highly-Democrat region, don't you think they wouldn't want to risk the chance of boos on opening night. Hopefully, the fans attending the game take her only as representing the hockey moms of America and nothing else, regardless of Democrats or Republicans. I mean they could have tried to get Mrs. Staal or Mrs. Sutter, right?

Ah, the season is so close!


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