The Greatest Feeling of Our Lives

Thursday, October 30, 2008 ·

We've waited 25 years for this. Doesn't it feel great? Of course it does. We have our ups & downs with our sports teams, but this is the pinnacle.

One of the last times I wrote about the Phillies was early September, when I gave my inaugural 'State of the City' address. The Phillies had just lost to the lowly Nationals and were falling behind the Mets. I honestly thought that we would finish behind the Mets. Fortunately, I was wrong. This team showed that it had the heart, unlike our rivals in New York. We all know how the story ends.

I feel lucky right now, I really do. I've suffered through four championships that our teams lost in (plus two others, but I was too young to remember), each team losing once. I got to see this Phillies team eight times this year, through their highs and lows, exciting moments and disappointments. From Tom Gordon blowing opening day, to Brad Lidge saving World Series game 5, we've been through alot this year.

Was there really a curse of William Penn? Maybe. But that's a moot point right now. Your 2008 Philadelphia Phillies are World Champions. As someone who has a tradition of going to Opening Day, this will be one to not miss. Can the Phillies repeat in 2009? Sure. But right now, I'm going to take the time and savor this one, because, well, it might never happen again.


A small introduction...

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