Don't Panic!

Monday, October 13, 2008 ·

Fans, don't panic! You had to expect that the Dodgers would win game 3. LA is a tough place to play and we have not been able to get a win out here all season. That doesn't mean we've been dominated in every game either.

We were winning 2 games out there before the bullpen collapsed in the 8th and 9th. The bullpen was in a cold streak and it happens. Not much that you can do.

Yes, they lost 7-2, but there is not much you can do. We can try to look at the positives. Howard got some hits and maybe he is about to break out again. I don't exactly remember the pitches he got hits off of, but if they were offspeed, that's a good sign. I'd expect him to get another steady does of offspeed junk on the outside corner. He really needs to just try and pop it over the short stops head.

Okay, there wasn't much else to see as a positive, except for the fact that the bullpen only allowed 1 run in 6 innings of work. More importantly, due to great pitching by Happ, Eyre, Durbin, and Romero (pending his ankle) will likely be able to pitch tonight.

So, just don't panic fans. Even if we lose tonight, it is not over. We have our best pitcher going in game 5 and if we win one of these 2, we're in the driver's seat heading back to Philly. We lost game 3 in Milwaukee, but look at how the team responded in game 4.

We all figured that it would be a long series. We're probably going to get it. I still like the Phillies in this one.


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