Pretty Please, Phillies

Wednesday, September 24, 2008 ·

Dear Phillies,

Recently, I purchased playoff tickets. I spent $40 a pop on two standing room only tickets for my father and I. I just want to let you know that for some odd reason, I am not nervous. I know you're going to win the division and we will face the Dodgers on Wednesday, October 1st. I don't know why I feel this way. Often, more times than not, I am one of the least faithful fans out there. It really has nothing to do with you as a team either. Sure, I have voiced my frustration with the Phillies' ownership. I mean, seriously, who hasn't.

I'm really sorry that I do get down on you guys. It's just, well, I've never seen a title. I was born in January of 1984 and like the rest of us born after the summer of 1983, we've never been alive for a Philadelphia parade. I'm not asking you to win the world series, I'm not expecting it. Somehow, win your way into the playoffs. Win the division. Be the first back-to-back NL East Champions since the Braves did it 14 times in a row. Establish something. This city needs you. I need you. I love and die by the Phillies more than any other Philadelphia team. Yes, I am critical and at times I have to be. With sometimes there being hundreds of zombie-like fans at the park, I have to speak up and say something, right?

It's just tough love. No hard feelings. You have to promise me that you will make the playoffs. Promise me you will try your best to win the division. I want to see a Phillies playoff game live for the first time ever in my life. Please, continue your ways of making that dream come true. Let me be honest, I had to spend money on Cubs-Marlins and Marlins-Yankees games in the past just to say I experienced playoff baseball. Now, please give me the opportunity to experience Phillies' playoff baseball.



A small introduction...

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