Oh, Kyle Kendrick?

Tuesday, September 9, 2008 ·

Despite a nice offensive effort, the decision to use Kyle Kendrick backfired just about every way a Phillies' fan thought it would Kyle Kendrick lasted two innings, giving up 7 earned. He looked pathetic. Actually, he looked worse than pathetic. He's a pitcher with no out pitch who got by when he got ground balls. His sinker no longer sinks and he's now become worthless.

The Phillies find themselves behind 9-1 early and they fought back to make it 10-8 with runners on second and third with one out in the sixth. However, the Phillies could knock in the 6th and 7th runs of the inning. It's a shame that the Phillies score 8 runs and lost. It really is and I pin this loss whole-heartedly on Charlie Manuel and Rich Dubee. JA Happ did not exactly fair much better, but he did fair better than Kendrick. The rest of the bullpen pitched well enough for us to attempt the comeback, but it was just short.

For the second straight night, the Phillies starters put together a piss-poor effort, which made the team use their bullpen earlier than they'd like. I'm sorry, Blanton's effort was not piss-poor, but just poor. With no off days the rest of the week, the Phillies are going to need a near complete game from Brett Myers tomorrow.

Offensively, it was nice to see the offense pound out another high-scoring effort, but this one was all for not. Ryan Howard hit is 41st home run on the year and he's running away with the home run crown now.


Anonymous said...
September 10, 2008 at 1:03 AM  

I also think it was a poor decision to use Lidge in the 9th. Although he slammed the door as he has all year, it was a waste. He pitched last night, and he may need to pitch tomorrow in another save situation. Will he be available? Effective?
Charlie really shit the bed tonight.

Anonymous said...
September 11, 2008 at 1:45 PM  


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