Mo' Years for Cheeks

Tuesday, September 9, 2008 ·

Coach your team to the playoffs for the first time post-Iverson and you're rewarded with not one, but two extensions in the same calendar year. That's right, 76ers coach, Maurice Cheeks signed an extension on time of the extension he signed in February. The terms were not disclosed. [Comcast Sportsnet]

“Over the course of my time here, Coach Cheeks and I have developed an excellent working relationship, one which I look forward to continuing with him as we move forward in an effort to achieve our collective goals,” Stefanski said in a statement released by the team.

“You couldn’t help but to be excited about everything that was going on, particularly the Elton Brand signing,” Cheeks said. “You think about our team before Brand. It’s a hard working team. It’s a team that gets along and then you plug in Brand. Putting Brand with those things I just talked about makes it exciting. Then you fill it in with all these other pieces, with Theo Ratliff, Marreese Speights and Royal Ivey and those type of players, so you couldn’t help but to be excited about those things.”

Definitely, another good move by the Sixers. This Sixers team is together, minus maybe Andre Miller, for the next four to five years. The core of this team before Elton Brand has bought into Cheeks defensive system. Cheeks is 113-133 in 3 seasons with the Sixers, but with higher expectations, his record should rise as well. The Sixers are expected to be a force in the East.


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