So, We're Front Runners?...oh, and peace Flash.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008 ·

If you haven't heard yet, Jimmy Rollins called the entire city of Philadelphia "front-runners" as fans during his appearence on The Best Damn Sports Show. Watch the video here.

He compared us to St. Louis, really? Jimmy have you seen how many rings St. Louis has won? Ten to our one. 17 NL pennants to our 5. No wonder why Jimmy? The Cardinals have fucking won and made it to the big dance A LOT. No wonder they their fans are always supportive...they're always winning. The Phillies have 10,000 LOSSES!

Sorry if you have your panties in a bunch because people boo you when you don't run at a ground ball. You Jimmy, should just about never be involved in a double play, let alone being thrown out at first by a few steps in a double play. Remember that Philadelphia is always behind the team and the players who give their best effort, but when you're clearly not, you're going to get booed. We want perfection. We know everyone is human, but we do not want to see dumb fundamentals and dumb mistakes that even 12 year old little leaguers would not make night in and night out.

We don't want to see you give up and blow away the division. We're tired of watching the team strike out constantly night in and night out.

And speaking of imperfection, Tom Gordon is done for the year. The bullpen surrendered the loss last night and it has definitely not been good as they lack a real set-up man. Too many guys pitching out of their normal roles is going to kill this team in the long run.


Anonymous said...
August 13, 2008 at 10:07 PM  

he compared the fans not the team dumbass. listen to his logic. if they are playing bad we're not behind them, if they're playing good then we have their backs. next time before you write an article or topic, take some journalism classes and actually listen to what he said not your interpretation. plus saying he should never be involved in a double play, what kind of retard are you everyone gets involved in double plays. you are a retard!!!!!!!!!!

Justin Evans said...
August 14, 2008 at 7:36 AM  

Okay, Mr. Anonymous. No one with Jimmy Rollins speed that hits a slow-roller should be involved in a double play. The guy doesn't hustle.

I compared the teams to explain why St. Louis is always behind their team. They've won a hell of a lot more than they've lost. That's why their fan base continues to be behind them. It isn't year after year, where the only consistency is generally blowing it around late August and early September. The fans boo when the player doesn't hustle. The fans boo when a major league pitcher throws ball after ball. The fans boo when the offense is barely averaging 4 runs, if they even are, since the middle of June.

Every other player that plays in the city, except for Billy Wagner, understands or understood this. So while, you're posting your nonsense remember your standing behind an anonymous tag because you do not want someone to know who you are.

Rollins has his MVP award and his MTV Cribs appearance. The guys on the show even told him he was wrong. We give up on them? Yeah, we don't have a number of consecutive sell outs for no reason.

If he's worrying more about what the fans think, no wonder the team is doing so poorly.

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