The Kids Comeback!

Friday, August 15, 2008 ·

The Eagles young kids stormed back for 24 unanswered points last night. Yeah, so what if it's preseason? Philly needs someone to follow that is winning right now. I mean, we are front-runners after all. All kidding aside, the rain-filled game was about as sloppy as the field until the fourth quarter when Tony Hunt's 52 yard run late in the game gave the Eagles the lead for good.

Also, um, I think DeSean Jackson is going to be pretty damn good. 7 receptions for 71 yards and his game should likely increase more and more as he gets more experience. With regard to the return game, Jackson had some okay runs and than a big one, which he fumbled on. Special teams from what I've read as a whole was not very good (Sorry, I was working). Lorenzo Booker had a hell of a lot of trouble fielding kickoffs last night and it looks like Quinton Demps will be getting more looks. Some other positive special teams news: Sav Rocca nailed 5 punts inside the 20.

Tony Hunt is also going to make it hard for the Eagles to make some decisions. It is hard to believe that the Eagles will keep more than 3 running backs and 1 full back for the backfield, but Hunt ran well last night and played extremely well on Special Teams. It is hard to believe that the Eagles will be letting go of either Booker or Buckhalter, so Hunt needs to somehow push the decision of the Eagles keeping four running backs, which could be spiral effect for many other positions, especially wide receiver.

The first team offense did not fair too well and a large part of the ineffectiveness was due to drops by the wide receiver and the lack of a running game to build a passing game off of. Reggie Brown's injury are becoming a cause for concern as he was held out with an ailing hamstring early in the game. He'll have an MRI today.

Also, Andy Reid reported that it is likely that Shawn Andrews will return to practicing with the team on Saturday. That should be a welcoming sign to the Eagles.


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