Iguodala, a Sixer til he's over 30.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008 ·

ESPN.COM is reporting that Andre Iguodala and the 76ers have agreed on a 6 year, $80 million deal. ESPN also feels that the 76ers will now become a popular pick to join the NBA's elite...well until Andre Miller leaves and the Sixers have to try and find a point guard. If he's willing to sign something like a three-year deal, the Sixers might try to re-sign him.

It is nice again to possibly have four contending teams in the city of brotherly love. When all four good teams are good at once, it only increases the chances of finally having a REAL parade, yet it also increases the possible heartbreak. AI2 is a special player and I think more and more people will start to realize it. Yes, he is never going to be their premier star, but he does everything you could ask for on both ends of the court.

Iguodala should also improve this year with a deeper bench, which will allow him to get more rest and not have to play well over forty minutes night in and night out. Let's face it folks, the Sixers will be fucking good this year.


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