Damage Control: Labor Day Weekend

Saturday, August 30, 2008 ·

With Labor Day weekend upon us, do not expect to read the sad, depressing news regarding the Phillies lining teams up in their scopes and then shooting their own dick off three nights in a row.

We're going to talk about beer, football, and everything else, but the Phillies. Also, expect the post counts to improve once school gets into session and I work less late nights.

First, college football is upon us and the city of Philadelphia may have a D1 team to root for this year...at least against marginal opponents. Temple opened their season by routing Army 35-7.

Who's going to be cut tonight? Two writers at Comcast Sportnet debated the roster. Andy Schwarz feels that Tony Hunt will be the fullback because of long-term reward, but Jordan Raanan feels Jed Collins will be on the roster. Both men agree that Jerome McDougle will make the team and that Winston Justice will bid farewell. Wow, we're actually not holding onto one of Andy's "prize picks" for long this time.

Talk about a draft. Many of the Eagles picks from this year are expected to make the roster. The Eagles will likely keep 5 safties instead 5 corners because of Quinton Demps ability to play both positions. Oh, and goodbye Ryan Moats.

Oh, ESPN also rates us the fourth best fans in the NFL.

I hate to break the news to you, but the Eagles will never have Chad Johnson...but maybe, just maybe, Chad Ocho Cinco. Chad officially changed his legal name.

The _ _ _ _ _ Rays clinched their first winning season ever yesterday. It only took them 11 years.

And lastly, guess what? WE HAVE THE BIG TEN NETWORK! Finally, I get to watch Penn State play a shitty team! They'll face Coastal Carolina at noon today. Let's hope the senior wide-outs finally live up to their potential.


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