Why were so many people, so dumb?

Saturday, July 12, 2008 ·

Why is Pat Burrell not in the All-Star game? Seriously, why? Any fans, managers, players out there have a true response? Pat Burrell had four opportunities to be named to this year's all-star team.

First, by the fans to vote him as a starters. Second, by Clint Hurdle and the players to vote him in as a reserve. Third, in the final vote and lastly, to replace injured outfielder, Alfonso Soriano. Four opportunities and not one chance to make it. Not one!

All rankings are among only NL outfielders
First, lets look at his loss to Corey Hart.

Pat Burrell: .279 BA (16th), .410 OBP (2nd), .577 SLG (1st), .987 OPS (1st), 21 doubles (T12th), 2 triples (T14th), 22 HR (3rd), 54 RBIs (T8th), 48 Runs (T13th), 73.5 Runs Created (1st), 0.91 BB/K Ratio (5th)

-- So, Burrell is Top 5 in 6 categories and Top 10 in 7.

Corey Hart:
.292 BA (7th), .331 OBP (24th), .510 SLG (11th), .841 OPS (11th), 26 doubles (2nd), 3 triples (T5th), 15 HR (9th), 58 RBIs (6th), 48 Runs (T13th), 58.4 Runs Created (9th), 0.26 BB/K ratio (32nd), 13 SB (9th)

-- Hart is top 5 in 2 categories and Top 10 in 6. Also, Hart does not bat behind Ryan Howard who has been stealing RBI opportunities from Burrell lately.

To see the rest of the outfield comparisons, click below

Ryan Braun: .280 BA (9th), .326 OBP (27th), .558 SLG (4th), .887 OPS (9th), 24 Doubles (T5th), 3 Triples (T5th), 23 HR (2nd), 66 RBI (2nd), 51 R (T10th), 8 SB (T7th), 64.3 Runs Created (6th), 0.26 BB/K Ratio (32nd)

-- Braun is definitely a viable all-star candidate as he does produce runs. He is 6th among all outfielders in runs created, which should give him at least a reserve. He has good all-around numbers, except he doesn't walk much. Does he deserve to be in over Burrell? Maybe or maybe not, but he definitely deserve to be on the roster.

Kosuke Fukudome: .281 BA (T13th), .386 OBP (5th), .414 SLG (22nd), .800 OPS (17th), 17 Doubles (T21st), 2 Triples (T14th), 7 home runs (31st), 36 RBI (T25th), 59 R (T4th), 8 SB (T17th), 54.9 RC (12th), 0.81 K/BB (9th)

--Um, thanks for being stupid Chicago fans. When will these baseball towns ever begin to realize that All-star game distinguishes home-field advantage for the World Series. Why would you vote for Fukudome? What's in the water there? Same goes for the people who voted for Soriano. Don't you want to win? Vote for the best players.

Ryan Ludwick, Matt Holliday, and Nate McClouth (whether they needed a Pirate or not) are all deserving of all-star spots. The fact that Pat Burrell, the player who is 5th in the entire National League in OPS and leads all outfielders is not on the roster is just flat out stupid. As mentioned before, Ryan Braun is deserving as well, but how can you leave Pat Burrell off the team for the likes of Corey Hart, Kosuke Fukudome, and Alfonso Soriano? That's terrible. I guess he just isn't that liked by the players. At least Holliday will be in a hitter friendly park, so his pathetic road OPS will not be as exploited.


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