Sorry Cole

Monday, July 21, 2008 ·

Dear Offense,

You really hate coming to bat for your ace Cole Hamels. You love pounding out hits for the old man and the king, but the man that can beat up Chuck Norris with a stare.

According to Chuck, your situational hitting is "absolutely off the chart, terrible." Some of their situational hitting is terrible, yes, but it mostly comes from the bottom of their order. It is such a drastic dip after Burrell, that it is hard to expect much if anything from anything after them. Werth gives you bright spots here and there, but he has some very bad at-bats at times. (See bunting with the bases loaded and 2 outs).

The Phillies really need to go back to playing some more small ball. They're doing everything right to get the runner to third, but at times, they're stranding that runner.

After spoiling today's start by Hamels, they better hope they come out for Blanton's first outing and the rest of the series against the Mets. Losing another series against the NL East is atrocious. They're now 10-15 against their division when they're not playing the Braves.

I already said this once before, but you really to start beating the teams chasing or now tied with you. It's starting to get a little old.


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