Oh, Phillies

Wednesday, July 23, 2008 ·

Winning the first game of a series isn't as cool when you lose the rest of the games. You better win tomorrow. I really wish you weren't 15-21 since you swept Atlanta on June 8th. I really wish you had winning records against teams not from Atlanta in the NL East. Please, please be the team to beat.

I really wish pitchers like Brett Myers and Joe Blanton were not throwing back to back in our rotation. Two pitchers with no control going right after one another to destroy our bullpen. That's not cool. That wasn't a smart move Phillies. Not at all. I didn't write about your 'epic' come from behind victory last night because I wanted to see what would happen tonight first. I wanted to feel compelled to write and I wanted to be excited. Instead, I got the same feeling I got last night for 8 innings and it continued after the game ended this team.

Dear offense, have fucking patience. Make shitty pitchers like John Maine pitch to you. Please, take note of this for tomorrow. Please, tell me there is a coach somewhere in the organization preaching this.

Everyone saw the game, no sense for a recap. No one misses Mets/Phillies games and if you did, you're a prick. If thats you, put your Phillies hat back into the closet or just burn it.


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