Clippers Interested in Iguodala

Monday, July 14, 2008 ·

Wouldn't this be interesting? According to the Daily News, the Los Angeles Clippers seem to be interested in making an offer sheet to Andre Iguodala. If an offer sheet is made, the 76ers would have 7 days to match it. Unless the Clippers make a trade, the most they could really offer is about $12 million a year, so it'd be hard to assume the Sixers could not match it.

Sure, the Iguodala is not exactly the best jump shooter, but he is far too valuable to let go of. He's one a few players that can give you nearly 20 points, more than 5 rebounds, and nearly 5 assists a game. On top of that, he will give you at least 2 steals per game. For a team that loves to play great defense, it'd be absolutely stupid for the Sixers to not match any offer for him. Also, Iguodala is only 24, he's barely getting into his prime.

If the Sixers have the idea of trading Iguodala for a more pure shooter, I can somewhat understand it; however, Iguodala's all around game is an important piece for this team and it hard to believe we will not see improvement with the addition of Elton Brand and a more experienced Thaddeus Young. Brand's ability to step out and a hit a jump shot should open up the lane more for Iguodala, Young, and Miller. Iguodala is part of this team's core. Ever since trading Iverson, he has completely stepped up his game and has developed more and more into a good player.

Is he a superstar, no, but he is a great player and the type of player you'd want on a championship team. Outside of being a great jump shooter, he does everything else well. You have to keep him on the team Stefanski!


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