So it's been awhile. Happy Father's Day

Sunday, June 15, 2008 ·

First and foremost, I want to say Happy Father's day to all the fathers out there. It is to our father's, grandfather's and so on that we owe our thanks for guiding us to become Philadelphia fans. They've seen the parades and hopefully I will shortly. They've taught us how to play catch, shoot a basketball, and fish. They've been there for most of us and for the newer fathers out there, I'd hope you do the same for your kids.

Thanks Dad

On another note, so where have I been?...Well, last Saturday two of my friends were married and I was at the "Beach House After party" all week after. So yes, it was pretty much a week-long drunken mess and beach-going in Beach Haven, New Jersey with some work sandwiched in there. I wanted to provide some updates, but when I was home it was not for very long.

Between the Phillies amazing season, Euro Cup 2008, and the NBA finals, it has been a great week to drink and watch sports. The Phillies really impressed me with the current road trip and I was hoping for them to be around .500. A 5-4 or 6-3 road trip would be a great success, especially with Boston and Anaheim coming into town. I've been incredibily impressed with the back-end of the rotation thus far this year including Adam Eaton. It's also amazing how Kyle Kendrick finds way to win with his lacking stuff, but things could improve once he adds that change-up. Let's hope they close out the series today with a big win for Brett Myers.

We'll be back to running like normal tonight.

Go Phillies.


Bill P said...
June 15, 2008 at 4:19 PM  

Fuck a Euro cup

John Russo said...
June 15, 2008 at 5:31 PM  

You say that 'cause Ireland sucks : )

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