Phils Lose 4th in a Row

Sunday, June 22, 2008 ·

Last night, the Phillies lost their 4th series in a row, their 4th game in a row, and their second straight to the Angels, losing 6-2. The Phillies are currently 1-4 on their current homestand they hold only a 1 game lead over the Marlins, a lead that was once 4.5.

Brett Myers actually pitched well, but allowed 3 home runs including a tie-breaking home run in the 8th to Erick Aybar. Chase Utley was given the day off, but it's not like it mattered anyway because the offense continued with their undisciplined at-bats. In a game where the Phillies offense failed to score at least 3 runs again, they battled back in the 7th to tie the game at 2, but Myers allowed a 2-out eighth inning home run to give the Angels the lead for good. The Phillies may have been able to take the lead, but Steve Smith (worst third base coach ever, not sure how he has a job) held up Pedro Feliz at the last second on a base hit by Eric Bruntlett. Eric Bruntlett thought Feliz was running on the play, so he tried to take second, but the throw was cut off and Bruntlett was tug at second.

I don't know what is wrong with this team, but it seems like whenever things are going wrong, they sit there and sulk instead of trying to make adjustments. The Phillies have some very good players, but it seems like only one or two guys can make the real adjustment.

Ryan Howard has been better as of late, but he is still absolutely pathetic in the late innings when the game is close. He is now 7-50, with 25 strikeotus. 25! Every single time, it is a breaking ball. Learn to hit a curve ball big guy. Please.

Cole Hamels will pitch tonight and hopefully he can end this losing streak. We'll see though. The way the offense has been, Hamels may need to allow "negative" runs to push the Phillies to a win.


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