0 for Their Last 5

Sunday, June 22, 2008 ·

The Phillies failed to score 3 runs again. They failed to do it against a pitcher who lets up nearly 5 runs per 9. They took shitty swings, outside of Rollins and Howard. They left runners on. The Marlins now have less losses than the Phillies. Oh, and the Mets are not far behind. Chase Utley did finally come out of his slump today, but looked fairly bad in his other at-bats.

There isn't much else to say.

We cannot consider the Phillies a contender until they beat good teams, especially a home. Something they truly have failed to do all year. The team really needs to get their act together because lets face it, they cannot expect a few guys to carry them all year or full the bullpen to continue to pitch considerably well. Cole Hamels pitched well today, but he was another victim of the LONG ball. A 1-5 homestand is downright pathetic, even for a bad team.

The Phillies travel out west to face Oakland and Texas. We'll see what happens. I guess. As for now, the team is a pretender.


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