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Friday, May 30, 2008 ·

There are reports that Lito Sheppard may become a two-way player. According to the Delco Times and 950 ESPN Radio, the Eagles want to work Lito Sheppard at the Wide Receiver position as well. In the past, Sheppard has voiced his desire to get some reps on the offensive side.

If this happens, I have one question. Will the player that is not satisfied with his contract for playing one position be okay with his contract to play two? Some Eagles players feel that not only is Sheppard the fastest on the team, but that he also has the best hands.

If Andy gives this a legit look, I will be shocked, but he has seemed to take more of an aggressive approach this season. Will Sheppard be joining McNabb for his invitation-only practices out in a receiver. Let's just hope that he shows up for full-squad TOAs next week.

In other Eagles News, they have made 3 moves with the front office. First, the Eagles fired Jason Licht (VP of player personnel) and they hired Howie Roseman to replace him. Lastly, the Eagles extended the contract of general manager, Tom Heckert, through 2011. [Comcast Sportsnet]

Tom’s leadership and work ethic has continued to impress me over the years,” head coach and executive vice president of football operations Andy Reid said in a statement. “Tom has also done a great job of nurturing and incorporating Howie’s talent into the personnel side of the organization. Howie has demonstrated a sharp eye for talent evaluation along with a knack for creative draft and free-agent strategies.”
Lastly, the Eagles signed S Quintin Demps to a four-year deal. Demps is the first of the Eagles draft picks to sign.


John Russo said...
May 30, 2008 at 4:11 PM  

This is a very interesting move. Lito is very dynamic. Keeping him on the team as a NB and possible WR should please both parties.

If Lito genuinly (sp?) showed interest in playing on the other side of the ball, I see him not having anymore problems w/ being a nickel.

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