The Season is Over

Sunday, May 18, 2008 ·

The Flyers were absolutely destroyed in game 5, losing decisively 6-0. 6 to fucking nothing. I don't even know what to say. Unprepared? Scared? Terrible on the road? You're about to be eliminated and the best effort they could show up with today is a 6-0 defeat. The defense was awfully terrible and the penalty kill continued to struggle/look absolutely pathetic on the road during the series. The Penguins had a coach that remained vocal throughout the series and continually remained vocal today. The Flyers had a coach who rarely moved his lips except for when he put a piece of gum in his mouth after every goal to fight his nervousness.

Okay, there's my rant. Now onto the positives. The Flyers brass will have all season to evaluate the team and to make a plan. Regardless of their bad play this series and losing 4-1 to the Penguins, you have to think fatigue set in and the Flyers just no longer had it. They looked completely outplayed through much of the series and much of the credit goes to Pittsburgh. There were positives, however. The Flyers are young enough and they're built to improve and dominate in the future. The team currently puts out 15 former first round picks and they have a nice mix of veterans and young kids. Their core of centermen in Richards, Carter, and Umberger are all 26 and under, though both Carter and Umberger are restricted free agents. The Flyers also have a number of young defensemen to move forward with Kimmo Timonen in Braydon Coburn, Randy Jones, and Ryan Parent. Those four defensemen will be part of the Flyers top-2 pairings for years to come. And oh yeah, Simon Gagne returns next year. The Flyers also have wingers Claude Giroux (Quebec league MVP) and JVR waiting in the wings.

The Flyers will compete next year, but they need to find a way to be more consistent throughout the year. Winning 7 straight and then losing 4 straight is not good hockey even if it turns out to be a positive record in the end. It makes luck or the way the puck bounces a bigger factor in their season. Congratulations to the Flyers even if they finally met their match. Throw out the conspiracies, they were not real. The Flyers were outplayed and it had nothing to do with the Flyers wanting to promote Sidney Crosby. We may hate him here in Philadelphia, but he is still a phenomenal talent. The Flyers defeated the streaking Capitals with Ovechkin and they beat the last Canadian team standing in Montreal. Clap your hands for your team. I know the loss hurts, but there is a lot to be proud about. Next year is less than five months away.

Let's Go Flyers!


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